Our Baked Goods

Good breads and pastries start with the best ingredients—high-quality flour, real milk, full-fat butter—and finish with time-proven methods and practices.

We use a slow fermentation for our breads, resulting in better digestibility and more complex and nuanced flavors. Our Virginia Sourdough contains local flour from Steadfast Farms to give it some Albemarle terroir. Our breads are bien cuit, giving them a nice robust crust.

All our breads are baked fresh daily, as we believe picking up fresh bread should be a daily routine.

Our selection of pastries are a mix of traditional viennoiserie and some of our own original creations. We take advantage of the wealth of farms around us and use local produce and dairy in many of our pastries. 

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Our Food

Simple. Honest. Ingredient-driven. We strive to create dishes where each ingredient is a star.

We use local ingredients found in and around Albemarle County- from eggs and meat to cheese and wheat.

Our menu is designed to be approachable and unpretentious, yet memorable.

MarieBette proudly serves La Colombe coffee.   In addition to having outstanding coffee, La Colombe’s business principles are based on social and ecological responsibility.

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  Photo by   Eze Amos

Photo by Eze Amos

Our Concept

MarieBette brings a unique experience to Charlottesville, in that we are both a bakery and a restaurant.

In our café area you are invited to purchase breads, pastries, sandwiches & coffee -- to take home or enjoy in our casual café space.

We also offer full breakfast, brunch & lunch menus available in our sit-down dining room.

We believe that the local bakery is the heart of the community and are proud to provide Charlottesville with the most basic of human needs—good bread and a place to gather and connect.

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